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Understanding Knitting Needles

If you are looking for the perfect gift for that special newborn baby, why not consider a knit baby blanket? Welcome to the wonderful world of knitting! Even if you've been here for a while, there is always something new about this most fascinating craft! If you do not understand the written instructions do check out some of these videos.

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Double-pointed needles are tapered at both ends, which allows them to be knit from either end. The thickness of the yarn may vary along its length; a slub is a much thicker section in which a mass of fibers is incorporated into the yarn. There is also the cooperative aspect to knitting. All knitting instructions use basically two stitches, the knit stitch and the purl stitch.

The most important property of needles is their diameter, which ranges from below 2 mm to 25 mm (roughly 1 inch). Fabrics in which the number of knit and purl stitches are not the same, such as stockinette, have a tendency to curl; by contrast, those in which knit and purl stitches are arranged symmetrically (such as ribbing, garter stitch or seed stitch) tend to lie flat and drape well. The garter stitch is often referred to as plain knitting because every row is made by either a knit or a purl stitch.

You will have only one new stitch from two. While knitting patterns can offer suggestions for design and color ideas, it is ultimately up to the artist to decide what the final product what look like.

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