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Knitting is worked in rounds (the equivalent of rows in flat knitting) in a .....
A History of European Knitting

In this brief article we aim to just give a basic understanding of knitting needles, their sizing and what you need to look out for. As we know, all knitted fabrics are made using two basic stitches, knit and purl. When knitting by hand, the artist also controls the colors, needles, and overall design of the final product.

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Knitting Patterns for Beginners

I wanted to set out some basic knitting instructions as a .....
Knitters generally ensure that the yarn for a project comes from a single dye lot. Lace knitting is the relatively a new, hardly two hundred years old. Tools for measuring needle diameter and yarn properties have been discussed above, as well as the yarn swift, ballwinder and "yarntainers". These developments made possible the shaping of hosiery and other pieces of clothing.

For those of us who knit, there is almost nothing more relaxing than watching a row of neat, organized stitches line up on your knitting needles. For large or complex patterns, it is sometimes difficult to keep track of which stitch should be knit in an particular way; therefore, several tools have been developed to identify the number of a particular row or stitch, including circular stitch markers, hanging markers, extra yarn and counters. If it's not one thing, it's the other; and every-day life can be tough.

Knit it like you would knit any stitch. Not only will this provide a nice social outlet, but your new knitting friends may also be able to help you locate and use new knitting patterns and new ideas for knitting projects.

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