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Basic pattern of warp knitting.

Like weaving, knitting is a technique for producing a t .....
Basic pattern of warp knitting.

Sock-knitting machines are used to make socks. Knitting is worked in rounds (the equivalent of rows in flat knitting) in a spiral. There are many websites devoted to teaching / sharing knitting techniques on the internet.

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Flat Knitting

The process of knitting has three basic tasks: (1) the active (unsecured) stitches must be held so .....
Having a smoother surface, metal needles tend to produce faster knitting but stitches are more likely to slide off by accident. Although the mechanics are different from casting on, there is a similar variety of methods. The great thing about making a knit baby blanket is that it can be made in any color to fit the color scheme of the baby's room. Sometimes, the yarns being plied are fed at different rates, so that one yarn loops around the other, as in bouclé.

This is the first row from your knitting instructions. The upper red course is purled into the row below and then is knit, consistent with garter stitch. Circular needles are typically 24-60 inches long, and are usually used singly or in pairs; again, the width of the knitted piece may be significantly longer than the length of the circular needle.

Most new knitters should start with some of the basic patterns listed above and work on mastering basic stitches. It doesn't all happen at once.

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